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    Duffee motorsports has developed a great reputation for the machining and building of vintage engines do to our higher standards and true concern to provide the best.

    We have enjoyed the opertunity to modify and improve several vintage engines to be more efficient, more reliable,  and perform like never before.



   1966 Aston Martin DB4

Surfacing block true prior to cylinder sleeve installation.

Chambers and valve seat counter bores welded-up to correct valve location and raise compression.

New valve seats will be installed.  The valve seat machine work will dictate where the valve tip ends up in relation to the camshaft base circle for proper lash adjustment.

A crack in the valve bowl required extensive repair work.

New seat inserts, improved seat angles, chamber back into shape.

An hole in the deck area was required to access the port for a quality weld.


Pressure tested and ready for assembly