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    Duffee motorsports has developed a great reputation for the machining and building of vintage engines do to our higher standards and true concern to provide the best.

    We have enjoyed the opertunity to modify and improve several vintage engines to be more efficient, more reliable,  and perform like never before.



       1968 Mirage 351

You don’t see this every day.  An NOS limited production engine block from Ford Motor Company dated 8-8-1967 developed for the Mirage Racing Program.   4 bolt main caps, Y-block main bore size, 9.250” deck height.

Straight out of a Holman-Moody crate.

These blocks were intended for use with the Gurney-Weslake heads which received oil externally.  Therefore, the oil passages to the lifters were not drilled.  We chose to oil the rockers through the push rods which necessitated drilling all the way through the block.

Large oil accumulators were fabricated into the valve covers for 24 hours of oil control.

The oil passages were then connected.  Note the date in the casting.