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Jeremy Measeles     -Employed at Duffee Motorsports from 99 to 2011.    

Although no longer employed here, we want to commend him for his excellent contributions, always forging ahead with forward thinking and wanting to improve whatever it was he was working on.  An individual that makes a difference.

Welding and fabrication

Building custom cars, plumbing, wiring, tuning...

Design and fabricate turbo systems

“Does anyone want this last donut”?

Patrick Deichert    -Master machinist and engine builder.

The BEST at finding flaws, or potential failures before they become a problem.

He is uncompromising when it comes to assembling an engine with a weak link or questionable parts, which is why we have 100% confidence when they leave the door.

Pat gets enjoyment from building engines, especially Big Block Chevys!, having a good meal with friends, a few hardy laughs during the day and most of all his family.

Brian Duffee     -Owner/operator

Custom automotive modifications, improvements, repairs, installations, etc.

Pay bills

Performs all cylinder head work and porting

Pay bills

Customer relations and consulting

Pay bills

Brian truly enjoys the diversity of the business and all the great people it has enabled him to meet.

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